A Tour of Derby City Centre

It is a saying that hardest paths lead to beautiful destinations and the city of Derby fulfil these words amazingly. I visited some days ago to a glorious city in the UK, that is a little-known city, Derby. It is a British city in Derbyshire on the banks of the River Derwent. It is one of the little known places in the United Kingdom – it contains so many attractions. From shopping to sport, from entertainment to education, everything is there to find. That’s why I planned to visit there. Today, I will share some of my personal experiences during my visit.

To start the very first attraction I went to was Calke Abbey that is an unchanged historic house featuring walled gardens, landscaped parks, and unique collections that make this place a solid attraction to visit. After that, there was the Derby Museum and Art Gallery, particularly the best option for the art lovers. However, it is accessible to each and everyone and it hosts many events and exhibitions in order to spread knowledge and to inspire creativity. I took a lot of knowledge from that place and enjoyed a relaxing time.

I managed to do some shopping in the QUAD, The Two Birds Gallery, and Artcore as well. There was the Darley Park that is mainly known for its lush greens and its natural atmosphere. It was a well-maintained park having an open space along the river. There is free parking for all at Darley Park. This is somewhere I enjoyed a lot.

I am a car lover, and especially a die-hard fan of historic cars. There was something special for me in Derby. The Donington Collections was there which is an exciting motor museum that has a tremendous collection of Formula 1 and other sports cars that took my mind as well as my heart.

There was Markeaton Park and Paradise Island Adventure Golf which I wish I had time to tour – but will save that for my next trip.

I took a healthy meal in The Standing Order. Some other places are also there for great choices of food like The Brewery Tap, Derventio Brewery, Nutbrook Brewery and lots more for trying the British taste.

At the end of the day, I also drove to some of the different landmarks like the iPro Stadium (formally Pride Park Stadium), Derbyshire County Cricket Club, Derby War Memorial, All Saints Church, St Matthew’s Church, St Werburgh’s Church, Midland Railway War Memorial, Derby Hindu Temple and St Giles Church.

It was a day to remember forever. Derby is an extraordinary place with a delightful touch of so many destinations that are amazing and heart-touching. I miss all those moments when I was enjoying all such places. I only had a day to visit there but I wish I could have remained there for some more time. You can easily appreciate the significance of the Derby city and its tourist attractions.

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