We have both the materials and expertise necessary to construct a range of different traditional driveway types. Examples include natural stone paved access areas and gravel driveways. With our comprehensive consultation and design services, you can be assured of a beautiful and durable driveway surface that meets all of your needs and presents exactly the natural or traditional look you want to see.

Some of our most popular services in the natural/traditional paving arena include:

  • Natural Stone Walling
  • Natural Stone Patio Paving
  • Natural Stone Circle Features
  • Natural Stone Block Paving
  • Natural Stone Pool Copings
  • Natural Stone Interior Floors

We’re eager to put all of our expertise at your disposal. Get in touch with us now!

We aim to deliver the most beautiful and unique paving work possible for our clients. We’re committed to creating natural stone paving solutions that last for generations.

We’ve been building driveways for three decades, and we know how to give you the best possible results. Here are five key advantages our clients enjoy:

  • No advanced deposits. We wait until the job is completed to your satisfaction before asking for full payment.
  • We provide a full five-year warranty on every job we complete.
  • We employ experienced professionals who take pride in craftsmanship and treat your property with the utmost respect.
  • We price our services to deliver maximum value. While we may not be the cheapest option available to you, we believe we are the best.
  • We are proud to stand behind the work we’ve already completed. Visit our testimonial page – or speak to our past clients directly – to find out more about the quality of our work.

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If you’re not interested in our natural stone products then you might like to find out more about our tarmac drives page.

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