The Best Places To Visit In Derby County

I have recently been graced with the opportunity of travelling to Derby in the UK. I decided to make this journey in order to finally get to see the iPro Stadium ( also known as Pride Park Stadium). You may also be planning to make a similar trip there sometime soon, especially when you get to hear the amazing story I am about to tell you. I had a very good time there and I was very sad when it got to the end. Anyway, I do not want to start on a sad note, so let’s brighten up the mood a little. There are plenty of fun activities that you can get involved in when you are in Derby. For instance, on my way there, I got derailed and I managed to pay a visit to a couple of other places where I had a very uplifting experience. Some of the places I visited were the famous Donington Park, where I got the rare chance of witnessing the World Super Bike Championship, for people who love watching adrenaline packed sport. If you are more of the laid back type when it comes to life, then you will definitely want to visit The Derby Museum and Art Gallery. On top of this, I decided to also pass through the famed Grand Prix Collection where I stumbled upon some mind blowing facts. Want to know? I will dish out the facts real quick, so the Grand Prix Collection not only houses the largest collection of all Williams and McLaren cars, but also houses the only complete collection of Vanwalls in the world. How crazy is that huh? Moreover, to add the cream on top, they also have a fair amount of The Wheatcroft Collection. I also managed to visit The Derby Cathedral. If you really want to get spiritually lifted, then this is the place to be. The silence and peace at the Iron Gate will leave you feeling like you have never felt before. I spent a little over an hour at this wonderful religious landmark. My journey at this point had taken an absolute turn for the better. I was not expecting to have such an amazing time in Derby. I never managed to visit the place I intended to visit since it was too late in the evening. I made a reservation at the Travel Lodge Derby Pride Park since my ultimate destination was just a walk away the next day.

Anyway, when the new sunny day came, I finally managed to get to the very place I had planned to visit in the first place. My journey took a really interesting turn and I have a feeling that yours will too. My trip to see the iPro Stadium was still a major highlight to my time in Derby. Here are some fun facts about Pride Park Stadium that you should know. This stadium was nominated to be a possible venue for the 2018 FIFA World Cup games back in 2009. It has a capacity of almost 34, 000 people and is the 20th largest football stadium in the UK. It is home to the Derby County football club. The stadium has ‘The Rams’ clearly written out in white with a blue background. The stadium was opened in 1997 and has already hosted a few international games. Barcelona have even played twice at the iPro stadium! I really enjoyed my time there and I would suggest that you plan a visit to the iPro stadium.

Here’s a map that show the distance from our Derby base to the iPro Stadium.